Monday, August 22, 2011

Tackling my First Blog

Now, I figured my first blog post should probably be all about Magical Oddities; what I've worked on and all the things Stefan and I have planned.  So, naturally I've been putting it off for a long time.  It just felt so weighted.  I was creating a mental checklist of things I had to write about in my first blog post.  Well, it's been put off too long!  I'm abandoning the responsibilities of my first blog post!!!!  Instead, I decided to share some fun pictures.  Stefan and I took a trip to Hogsmeade the other day, and it's such a cute village!  Stefan practiced his photography skills while I browsed the shops!

We picked up some delicious cauldron cakes at Honeydukes, which were too much chocolate for me, so Stefan finished mine :) . . . he didn't mind. 

My favorite stop was the Hog's Head Inn. We stopped at the pub counter to take some pictures and shared a cold Butterbeer and a pint of Hog's Head brew. The Hog's Head brew was excellent! I know Butterbeer is the go-to drink when you're in Hogsmeade, but if you like cold beer then the Hog's Head brew won't disappoint you. I had the butterbeer served frozen - delicious. I've found some great recipes for hot butterbeer and it's on my list of things to try.

 It was a pretty great day!  I think the pictures Stefan took are wonderful.  Now if only I could get pictures of my faeries that looked that good . . .

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