Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Second Year at Avalon Fairy Fest

Last year I attended my very first vending event.  It was a small Fairy Festival held at a shop named AvalonBeyond in Orlando, FL.  If you are local to the area you can find it at 1211 Hillcrest St. Orlando FL 32803.
The lovely crystal adorned dreamcatcher you see in the foreground was a creation by and the beautiful artwork you see on this sign was created by talented artist Joie Higgins (see below for more of her gorgeous art).

Just like last year, it was full of friendly vendors and attendees.  I brought along my handmade hair wreaths.  I really need to start listing these wreaths in my Etsy store.  They get a great response from the folks who see them in person, but I'm finding photographing them is the hardest part.  

I was very excited to use the new display Stefan built me just for my wreaths at this event.  It's becoming a tradition to throw a last minute project at him, and step back as he works magic to make something functional and beautiful.  I also brought my faeries of course!!
In this pic you can see a sneak peak of the new faerie torch I'm sculpting.  This project needs to happen already!  

My favorite part of the Fairy Fest is when the Florida Tribal Dance Studio comes out to perform.  So many different styles of dance, and their costumes are beautiful.  The dancers I spoke to said they made most of their costumes and hair adornments themselves, pretty impressive!

Here's a look at some of the other vendors that attended.  If you're in the Orlando area stop by next year!  This event makes for a cheerful afternoon!

Beautiful dreamcatchers (left) made by Spiral Circle;

Artist Joie Higgins,, brought quite a few of her original paintings (right) and her handmade jewelry (below) in addition to the permanent artwork you can see on Avalon's very own sign (see first photo).  Each of her paintings had a meaning or story behind it.  Her art was really striking with bold colors and intricate borders.    And what a cool steampunk ensemble she had on!

Artist and musician Sean Duffy (right) makes custom ocarinas and drums.  He has some with dual chambers that he harmonizes himself.  Look for him at other events as Horizon Flutes.


An adorable fairy house created by Made Marian's Charms (see her dreamcatchers in the foreground of my first photo, or for her other creations).  

Red Moon Henna was there, and his tent set up was so cozy looking.  A very comfy place to get some unique body art.  If you'd like Henna at your next big event you can look into it at

This gorgeous stained glass art piece was created by Tye Aishiteru of Angel Catoure.  These days he's creating fun jewelry pieces, but this glass piece really caught my eye.  To see more of his work:

One of the coolest looking setups of the event was Verita's Wearable Treasures.  So much color and variety!

Overall, a really great day.  When it came time to pack up the weather was so nice (in the shade at least) that Stefan and I didn't really want to leave.


  1. Wow, so many creative people and beautiful items! I'd love to go to a fest and meet so many like-minded creative people. I wish that fairy fests came to my area. I've never even been to a Renaissance Faire. :(

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